How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Maui

Maui is full of beautiful wedding venues, from luxury oceanfront resorts and laid-back beaches to lush tropical gardens. But deciding on the perfect wedding venue is easier said than done when planning a destination wedding thousands of miles away. At A Dream Wedding Maui, we offer experienced wedding planning and coordination services to help secure your dream wedding venue, officiant, florist, photographer, and so much more. And the best part, we’re sharing some tips to help you narrow down your location as you start planning.

6 tips for narrowing down your wedding venue in Maui:

1. Know how many guests are coming

Knowing your guest headcount can help determine the best venue for your wedding ceremony and celebration. For example, if you’re expecting more than 50 people at your wedding, you may want to consider a larger venue to accommodate your guests. On the other hand, if you’re inviting 50 guests or less, you can stick to a smaller and more intimate wedding venue.

2. Factor in your total wedding budget

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding your dream venue only to realize it’s not in your budget. So, instead of just thinking about the cost of the venue alone, choose one of our wedding packages to give you a better idea of your total wedding costs, what you should pass on, and if the venue you’re considering is genuinely the best option for you.

3. Align with your wedding style

Venues often set the tone for how your wedding looks and feels. So, having a wedding style already in mind can help narrow down an event location so it feels more authentic to you. For example, if your style is more classic, you may consider a more formal venue with an oceanfront view and a sit-down plated dinner. However, if your style is more laid back, a casual wedding venue with lawn games and a tiki bar may seem more like you.

4. Consider your wedding timeline

Since many popular wedding venues in Maui are booked anywhere from 12 to 18 months in advance, it’s a good idea to consider how your wedding day timeline may influence your decision. If time is not on your side, our wedding coordination services can still help you find a great last-minute wedding venue.

5. Keep your guest experience in mind

While your wedding day is all about celebrating your love story, your guests will appreciate it if you consider how it impacts their experience too. For example, if several out-of-town guests are coming, you want to make the experience as convenient as possible for them in terms of the proximity of the airport and hotel to the venue. And if your reception is far enough from your ceremony, you may want to have a transportation plan put together.

6. Talk to a Maui wedding planner

The easiest way to ensure you find the best wedding venue in Maui is to schedule a consultation with our trusted team of wedding planners. Not only will you get expert advice on all the different event locations available on the island, but you’ll be able to find and secure the best wedding venue to match your vision, budget, and timeline.

For more information about the wedding package options we offer at A Dream Wedding Maui or to start planning your dream day, call us at 800.743.2777, email, or fill out our inquiry form today!

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