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A Dream Wedding can help you plan the elopement or mini wedding of your dream on Maui. Elopement, the one word that makes you think of having an unplanned courthouse wedding. You and your fiancé deserve more than a quick ceremony with a witness captured in a few photographs. Today, elopements and mini weddings bring a whole new level of excitement for couples.

Destination elopements are not as expensive as you may think, and they are just as special as an elaborate wedding. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Picture this:

It’s the day of your wedding, and you wake up to the light of a beautiful sunrise peeking through the window of your oceanfront view. The closest people in your life knock on the door to bring you mimosas and breakfast in bed. A few hours of laughter and memories pass, and it’s finally time to get ready. You put on the most special outfit. The one you’ve been waiting to wear since you saw it ten months ago and thought “this is me, this is the one.”

The ceremony is about to begin, and your fiancé is waiting for you at the pergola surrounded by bright summer florals and fresh linens. As you step onto the aisle, you see the teary eyed, and smiling faces of your parents, your grandparents, your protective older brother, and your best friend since the second grade. Along with your fiancé’s family and friends. These are the people who are important to share this special day with. The people that have loved and supported you unconditionally. As your present meets your future, this is the moment in time that matters most. Everything in your life has brought you here, to this island, marrying your other half, your person, and your soulmate. Nothing about this day could be anymore perfect.

You never thought that you would be able to have the wedding you’ve been dreaming about since you were five years old. And here you are, in Hawaii, marrying the light of your life. Fifty years go by and you look back at the wedding album. The happiness from that day puts a smile on your face and ignites a light in your eyes. You look through the photos and think “it truly was A Dream Wedding.”

Let A Dream Wedding create this magical day for you! Contact us for more detail about our elopement and mini wedding packages.

groom kisses his bride on the forehead at their Maui beach wedding

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