Maui Elopement Wedding Planner | A Dream Wedding Maui Style | Terry and Sunil’s Intimate Vows

Terry and Sunil fell in love in Michigan, but wanted to tie the knot on Maui. With only three months until their wedding date, they found A Dream Wedding Maui Style to help create the perfect day!

The sun rose on the Maui sky and a beautiful day set the stage for Terry and Sunil. The Steeple House at Kapalua made the perfect location for this intimate ceremony and celebration. Terry and Sunil invited no guests, choosing instead to cherish this moment with each other. John-Pierre’s Photography helped to capture the magic of the day so they could share it with their family and friends later.

The bride arrived in her perfect wedding dress, soft white with beautifully crafted beading throughout. Her hair fell in waves and curls gently upon her shoulder. She took a moment to reflect on this special day in her bridal suite. With a heart full of joy she grabbed her beautiful white rose bouquet.

She stepped through the historic French doors and into the chapel where Sunil stood in awe of her beauty. Sunil wore a sharp midnight blue suit with a handmade feather bow tie. As she approached him Sunil’s face radiated and the moment they had waited for was finally upon them. Pastor Robert McCollor led the two in a sweet and simple ceremony where to two exchanged vows and white dendrobium orchid leis, in traditional Hawaiian style.

Sunil grabbed the hand of his new wife and led her around the beautifully manicured Steeple House grounds. Maui sent her blessings with a beautiful clear blue sky and picturesque clouds. As Sunil and Terry took their first married stroll they paused beneath the monkeypod tree, slowly made their way down the green grass to iconic rocky cliffside where the warm ocean water splashed below. They stood at the edge of the island and peered out at the vast ocean the islands of Hawaii could be seen in the foreground. The clouds slowly paraded above and the setting sun reflected shades of blue and orange above. Sunil and Terry held each other close as they took in the beauty of this moment and this place. Their Maui adventure would set the stage for a lifetime of adventures to follow!

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