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Jasmine and Frank delighted in their intimate and elegant wedding, thanks to their amazing Maui wedding planner. Jasmine started her day in the luxuriously remodeled Airstream bridal sweet. Big bright windows let the sunshine of Maui shine in as the bride zipped up her dress and her sister helped her lace up her aqua blue Converse sneakers. Meanwhile, Frank was tucking in his beachy white linen shirt with a maile lei to follow. It was a perfect Maui day where the smell of the ocean filled the air and the excitement of this special day electrified the small party of close friends and family who made the voyage from all over the world.

As the hour neared, Frank and his soon-to-be brother-in-law clinked glasses as they sipped on cocktails freshly prepared by the fun and festive Twisted Tiki mobile tiki bar. The guests took their seats and watched the crashing ocean waves in full view of the nearby Hawaiian islands across the horizon. Officiant Charles Nahale took his place at the front of the site and Frank and is best man took their spot beside him. As Maui musician Scott Baird began to play, all eyes watched as Jasmine stepped out of her Airstream bridal suite and towards her future, her stunning bouquet of red, white, and shades of green in hand. As she looked ahead into Frank’s eyes the love in her heart could be seen and felt by everyone. She made her way down the aisle, lined with pineapples and covered in red and white rose pedals, as the palm trees above quietly shook in the wind.

Frank and Jasmine exchanged vows with much sincerity and even more laughter. The delight of this moment was not lost on them. The ceremony concluded with the exchanging of leis and a traditional Hawaiian blessing. The newlyweds kissed and their closest friends and family cheered! Hugs and selfies commenced shortly thereafter and the first pineapple tiki mugs were uncorked. Frank had a blue umbrella and Jasmine, a pink one! They sat on the swings of the Twisted Tiki and drank in the love and excitement of the day. Maui Ohana Catering catered with an assortment of delicious and filling appetizers, Maui style, and Frank and Jasmine grabbed a quick bite before sneaking off to share a few quiet moments together.

They snuck off to the edge of the water where white clouds could be seen breezing by above. Incredible Maui photographer Anna Kim captured the couple and the epic beauty of Maui behind them. Frank and Jasmine shared eye glances, kisses, hugs, and laughs as they memorialized their wedding in photos.

The afternoon ended perfectly with cocktails and snacks, the perfect treat for those who had just shared in this amazing experience. Frank and Jasmine spent lots of time with each guest and as they bid farewell to Ponomakena Sanctuary, they headed to the afterparty at Te Au Moana Luau. As they enjoyed more local Hawaiian drinks and eats, they got to take in the excitement of the hula, with the colorful costumes, powerful chanting, and unique references to Hawaiian culture.

Everything went perfectly smooth, thanks to the amazing efforts of A Dream Wedding Maui Style and all the supporting vendors. Frank and Jasmine would return to New York with the experience of a lifetime launching them into a wonderful life together.

Mahalo to all the vendors who made this day possible:

Location: Ponomakena Sanctuary

Scott Baird musician

Maui Ohana Catering

Twisted Tiki Maui

Charles Nahale

Anna Kim Photography

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