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At a Dream Wedding, we strive to capture the attention of all all five senses when designing an event. Although our weddings are visually rich and captivating, visual design is only one way to connect with your guests at a party.

When you hear a song that is familiar to you, it evokes a memory of a time in your life. What about a scent that transports you to vacation you took? Appealing to all of your guests senses is part of creating a well rounded event and memory that is exciting to recall for all that attended your wedding. 

Being aware of the texture of the linens on your tabletop, the sweet music as you walk down the aisle, and the scent of the flowers as well as their tropical color is part of being an experience event designer. Working with our clients, we love to learn what feeling and aesthetic that you would like to create at your event. Then, we are able to translate that into flavors of your menu design, selection for a hula performance, or even the level of lighting during your cocktail hour.

Our team at A Dream Wedding is looking forward to designing a festival for the senses that your guests will always remember. 

bride and groom share their first dance

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