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With the help of A Dream Wedding, Bunga + Shawn’s intimate wedding wishes came true on Wailea Beach in Maui. Bunga’s hair was simple yet elegant. Textured curls came together on one side to create a chignon bun. Small pink, orange and white flowers were added for extra beauty. As for her dress, Bunga wore a white halter style wedding dress with an open back. Her satin dress gently brushed the floor which made it perfect for her beach ceremony. Bunga’s shoes were anything but plain. Her white pointed heels had intricate beading which complimented her dress beautifully. Bunga’s bouquet consisted of brightly colored pink, orange, and white florals that matched the ones in her hair.

Shawn’s attire was casual, as all eyes were on his bride. He wore a white dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, and tan pants. Shawn’s accessory was his braided leafy lei. The quintessential groom’s look for a wedding in Maui. Of course, no shoes were worn, so guests could feel relaxed with the soft Hawaiian sand between their toes.

Shawn’s parents and their loved ones were waiting at the ceremony site. As Bunga’s brother walked her down the aisle, Shawn instantly noticed his beautiful bride and started to tear up. Their guests held their significant others as they watched Bunga and Shawn exchange vows. It was an intimate moment for everyone present. Smiles and teardrops were shared as two lovebirds officially became one.

After the ceremony, the memories were captured in photographs. Bunga’s parents were overjoyed once they saw their newly married and not so little girl over FaceTime. The couple celebrated with champagne in traditional “Mr. + Mrs.” flutes. From the moment it was official to the sun setting, the couple and their loved ones captured unforgettable memories from this beautiful day.

Congratulations to the newly married couple!

Venue @waileabeachresort
Photographer @scottdrexler

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