Maui Wedding Packages | Beth and Drew’s Sentimental Wedding at Maui Pineapple Chapel

The bride began her day with a handwritten letter, her soon to be husband’s heart scribbled into the sweetest love letter she had ever read. Her mother joined her early in the morning to bask in the joy of the day together and zip her into the immaculate white beaded gown. One by one her grandmother, her father, and her best friends in the world each came in to steal away a moment sharing their affections and best wishes with the radiating joyful bride.

The old Pineapple Chapel, restored and renamed Maui Pineapple Chapel, married modern and elegant finished and the old historic Hawaiian chapel. The bright Maui sun shone through stained glass windows and kissed the feet of a circular arch where the couple was to be wed.

As the ceremony drew near Andrew put the final touches on his midnight blue tuxedo. His mother straightened his bowtie and embraced him one last time before he wed his soon to be bride. The wedding guests arrived, a small group of family and friends who made the long trek from Texas to Maui. The room was filled with excitement as the wedding party began down the aisle. Her pathway was marked by soft white rows of rose pedals, gently escorting Beth and her father to Drew and his father. Drew’s father, a Texas pastor, spoke words of faith, love, and God’s blessing as he led the young couple in the sacred ceremony. As Drew and Beth held hands and exchanged vows locked gazes gave way to laughter and laughter gave way to tears of joy. The joy spread all across the intimate room and many Kleenex were called upon. As Drew leaned in to kiss his new wife for the first time, the room burst in applause and celebration and the young husband and wife danced down the aisle.

Mahalo to the lovely vendors who made this day possible:

VenueThe Steeple House at Kapalua

PhotoJana Dillon Photography

VideoHawaii Video Memories

FloralsSunya’s Florals

CateringSugar Beach Ohana Catering

MusicianDavid Wolfe

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