Maui Wedding Planner | Mariella and Javier’s Multicultural Wedding at Gannon’s Wailea

Mariella and Javier came from diverse backgrounds and shared a love for adventure and travel. He walked her slowly though the mountains of Switzerland to ask for her hand in marriage. As she took in the view from the bridge where they stood, she said yes and answered with a kiss and the biggest hug of her life.

As the two began to plan their wedding, they chose the most beautiful place on earth, Maui. They found the most amazing planner to help them create the perfect day, A Dream Wedding Maui Style. After months of planning, Mariella and Javier were excited to take the first step as a married couple. Their closest family and friends joined them and at last the day had arrived!

As the bride made her way down the mountain to her groom, the conch shell sounded and the family and friends were filled with joy! A soft and gentle bed of flowers paved her path and Javier welcomed her to his side with the biggest smile. True to Hawaiian style, the minister, Charles Nahale, beautifully weaved together elements from Mariella and Javier’s culture. Filipino traditions fused with Jewish elements and Hawaiian details added another beautiful layer. It was the perfect blend of cultures that represented the new couple. She shared her vows with a gentle touch of his face. He vowed his lifelong affection and adorned her hand with the symbol of his love. In a simple and heartfelt exchange, these two world travelers became one. Overflowing with joy, Javier smashed the glass and the wedding party shouted “Mazel Tov!” Tiny bubbles danced in the air as the newlyweds made their escape to the beach for a few precious moments alone.

Scott Drexler brought his camera along to capture the magic of these first moments alone. They got away to the water’s edge and walked on the sandy shores of Maui. Javier squeezed Mariella in his arms and the warm ocean breeze softly blew before them. They walked hand in hand and sighed gleefully as the nerves of such a momentous day faded away. As they stared out and watched the crashing waves, the sun leaned down to kiss the ocean and the sky gleamed with hues of purple and orange and gray. Javier grabbed Mariella by the hand and pulled her in for a short dance. He finished it with a dramatic dip and the final rays of sun glistened on their faces. Behind them a rainbow colored the sky. Mother Maui sent all her messengers to bless this new couple, the sun, the sky, the wind, and the water – all in chorus resonating their own Hawaiian blessing!

Upon arrival at the wedding reception the family welcomed Mariella and Javier with cheers and applause. They had come a long way for this moment and they were ready to party! DJ Dan turned the music up and Javier spun Mariella around the dance floor – the couple joyfully laughing and enjoying the magic of the moment. The dance floor filled up and R&B and Mexican music kept the party on their feet. Javier and Mariella were hoisted up by the crowd as they celebrated the Hora, the traditional Jewish wedding chair dance. All in all, it was the most amazing day, another dream wedding complete, Maui style.

Mahalo to all the amazing vendors who made this possible!

PlannerA Dream Wedding Maui Style
MinisterCharles Nahale
StylistMeiLi Autumn Beauty
PhotographyScott Drexler Photography
MusicianKalo DeLeon

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